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If you want to go far, go together.

Christopher examining dill sprigs.

Developer, Designer, Strategist, & Researcher

I love untangling puzzles and seeing patterns in the large datasets of human experience. Where did a choice come from? What makes a good storyteller? How can we learn more from each other? Why are there so many methods of cooking an egg?

When working on a project it is paramount to humble ourselves and ask the right questions. To collaborate we need to understand each other, we need to share our stories, and most importantly we need to listen.

Logo for a design firm
Logo for clothing line
Fox logo
Rebel Hives Logo

What I do

Through a combination of research, experimentation, and analysis I build a brand identity that your customers will recognize, and your competitors will envy.

Market Analysis

Extensive research into successful implementations to ensure a competitive advantage.


I work one on one with you to discover your unique message, and what associations you want for your brand.

Logo Creation

Your logo should inspire your customers and remind them who you are at a glance. With prototyping and working with your vision your logo will do that and more.

“Chris knows what he knows. Which is great. But what’s really great about Chris is that he almost always knows what he doesn’t know. And when he doesn’t know something, he’s eager to dive in and learn and find a way to get you the solutions you need. And to really top things off, he does it with a great attitude and a friendliness that makes him a joy to work with. He gives realistic deadlines, honest opinions, options to problems, and has real passion for what he does. I can’t imagine what my website would look like without him, but I know it would have been a much harder road to get it to where it is if Chris hadn’t been at the helm.”

Connor Alexander Founder of Coyote and Crow Games

Selected Work

Logo for logistics company

Vector Logo Case Study

Logo created as a case study for a team within the Wonderful brand.

Coyote and Crow Cover
Image Credit: Amelie Hutt

Tabletop RPG Web Platform

Project founded by a team of American First Nations members building representation in the gaming community.

Rebel Hives Logo

Prototype Beehive and Logo Case Study

Scaled 3d design using SketchUp and vector logo design using Adobe products. Concept for bee centric beehive company.


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