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Web Platform for a Tabletop Roleplaying Game.

Coyote and Crow Cover
Image Credit: Amelie Hutt
Image Credit: Kyle Charles

Project Details

Working with a team of writers, designers, illustrators, linguists, app developers, and cultural consultants, I was asked to plan a web platform that included a Blog, Wiki, Forum, Name Generator, and e-Commerce solution.

Through working with the founder, Connor Alexander, I was able to plan an architecture that accommodated the rapid growth that occurred when funding for the project far exceeded initial expectations. The art and graphic design brought in by the rest of the team completed Connor’s Vision.

The accomplishment I am most proud of here is the Name Generator. I did research into Natural Language Processing techniques to develop and implement a strategy to generate new words in the language Chahi using a Markov Chain algorithm. These new words are being used by players as fantasy names and the creators are using the new words as the project and stories continue to expand.

Coyote and Crow Games


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Chris knows what he knows. Which is great. But what’s really great about Chris is that he almost always knows what he doesn’t know. And when he doesn’t know something, he’s eager to dive in and learn and find a way to get you the solutions you need. And to really top things off, he does it with a great attitude and a friendliness that makes him a joy to work with. He gives realistic deadlines, honest opinions, options to problems, and has real passion for what he does. I can’t imagine what my website would look like without him, but I know it would have been a much harder road to get it to where it is if Chris hadn’t been at the helm.

CONNOR ALEXANDER (Founder) -Coyote and Crow Games


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